Issue Fall 2016

New name, same mission

For a quarter century, you’ve known Pennsylvania College of Technology’s official magazine as One College Avenue. With this issue, we introduce a new name, but our mission remains the same: to tell stories that exemplify the mission, values and history of Penn College.

We strive to show you life on today’s campus, where industriousness and innovation are balanced by fun, and look back to decades past, when a similar balance was struck. We share how alumni are using their “degrees that work” to impact the world around them.

Ultimately, we hope you will feel informed and inspired, and that you’ll tell the world about the unique and vital community that is Penn College. We consider you, the Penn College Magazine reader, an indispensable part of that community, and we hope you will remain Penn College Proud.

Who Designs the Future?

Who Designs the Future?

The first episode of the college’s latest public television series explores how a knack for design and creativity is essential to other fields, including science, math, engineering and technology.

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Design Code

Design Code

Tom Giannattasio, ’06, earned his first few dollars for his art skill in second grade. The graphic design grad now develops products for other designers.

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Behind Every Door

Behind Every Door

Student photographer Caleb Schirmer, ’16, explores the diversity of doors on Penn College’s campuses – and the opportunities waiting on the other side.

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The Whole Picture

The Whole Picture

Reeling from a late-stage breast cancer diagnosis, Cindy Spinello, ’84, pushed for legislation that could prevent the same outcome for others.

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Cheyenne Summer

Cheyenne Summer

An internship on a Montana reservation makes for “the best summer” of a forest technology student’s life.

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Ten Weeks to Fitness Victory

Ten Weeks to Fitness Victory

Printed issue

Fall 2016 front cover: Graphic design student Ainsley R. Bennett adds shadow to a still-life sketch. Cover photo by Larry D. Kauffman.

On the cover: Graphic design student Ainsley R. Bennett adds shadow to a still-life sketch. Hand-drawing skills remain important in the college’s graphic design and advertising art majors. The ability to transfer concepts from mind to paper helps students become better designers in all media, says retired associate professor of advertising art Patrick Murphy.
Penn College Magazine, Fall 2016

 Kierstin, left, and Jamie Steer with their milestone game balls. Photo by Cindy Davis Meixel.

Sibling Rivalry, Sharp-shooting sisters Kierstin, left, and Jamie Steer set back-to-back scoring records for the Lady Wildcats.

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 Mario on The Rock. Photo by Jennifer A. Cline.

Students in information technology sciences: gaming and simulation paint the The Rock with a Super Mario Bros.-themed graduation message: “BGS Class of 2016: Next Level.” Nine students graduated from the major in May.

Niche On-Site Power Generation Lab

Earth Science Center, Room 172

Smack in the middle of the Schneebeli Earth Science Center’s main building, students pursuing degrees in on-site power generation add hands-on know-how to their classroom lessons. On the left, first-year students learn to disassemble and reassemble diesel engines, while on the perimeter, fourth-semester students in the Power Generation System Controls course gather data from generators before spending the next month running and troubleshooting the equipment, all of different makes. Students in the on-site power generation major split their time learning about electrical systems on main campus and about engines at the Earth Science Center. They learn to install, service and maintain diesel and gas-powered generator sets. “These are all really good students,” said Ken C. Kuhns, assistant professor of electrical technologies and occupations. “I’d give any of them a reference. They all shine in different areas.”

On-Site Power Generation Lab. Photo by [photographer].

Troyleon R. Mann, left, a native of Barto, and Garritt R. Aucker, of Winfield, access online service manuals for engine rebuild procedures. Mann takes part in medieval re-enactments, including full-contact battles and duels. One of his favorite events is the Pennsic War, an annual gathering near Slippery Rock. Aucker is restoring a 1972 Chevy truck. “They’re good trucks,” he said. “They’ve got style!”

Like Aucker, David C. Johnson, instructor of diesel equipment technology, at left, is restoring a 1972 Chevy truck. He checks in with student Stephen C. Port. Port grew up on a grain, Christmas tree and pumpkin farm in Waterford. “I didn’t know what I wanted to do until I came for a visit,” he said. “This major looked interesting and new, and I figured it was something my dad doesn’t know a lot about, so it’d be helpful.”

Wildcat third baseman Carlos N. Rodriguez Baez gathers data from a Cummins Model DSGAA 100KW Generator, one of three new diesel generators in the lab. The other two are manufactured by Caterpillar and MTU. “We wanted our on-site power generation students to have the latest technologies,” said Justin W. Beishline, assistant dean of the School of Transportation & Natural Resources Technologies. “This addition enables students to work on the newest engine and generator controller software.” Rodriguez Baez, who is from Puerto Rico, learned about Penn College when he spotted an ad in a power generation magazine.

Letter to the Editor

Spread the word

I am a 2013 Penn College graduate, and the only reason I found the college was because my parents stayed at the Marriott just across the street.

I believe you should be advertising all over the country and in as many ways as possible. I live in Marlton, New Jersey, and I would love to turn on the TV and see a commercial about Pennsylvania College of Technology like the ones that ITT Technical puts out.

I want to see Penn College become one of the top colleges in America. The only way I see that happening is getting our name out there for people to see, whether it be radio, newspaper, TV, social media ads like Facebook and Twitter, etc. I know it can be done with a little creativity and a lot of hard work. I can’t wait to see our name among the top-named colleges in the country. Penn College Proud!

Nick Massimilla, ’13
building construction technology
Marlton, N.J.

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